Welcome to Hesper Global Business.

Hesper Global Business is a Quality Buying Agent in Bangladesh. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a Manufacturing Exporter of readymade Garments products. We have been exporting on regular basis since 2022. We have full fledge & organized set up of all the processing involved in making Garments on large scale for exporting purpose. We are Specialized is high fashion Woven, Knitted, sweater. We deal all types of fabrics like 100% Cotton, cotton/lycra, Linen, Bosky, Voile, Moss crape, Georgette, Woolen yarn, Dyed Checks and Strips etc. And we are experienced in exported style for Kid’s, Girls/Boys, Ladies and Gents. We are fully equipped and prepared to handle any quantity, any style as per Buyers choice. We keep our sampling Division updated with the fast changing world of Fashions.

We highlight our company’s role in the supply of quality textile and apparel products in the world market.

Furthermore, Hesper Global Business has the capability of providing a bridge between our overseas customers and local manufacturers in Bangladesh to ensure quality services, timely deliveries and adherence to buyers’ quality standards.

Currently, the key to success of any buyer is to identify the source of the right product at right price. This is where we will step into cater your needs regarding communications, quality and most of all strong sourcing and timely delivery.

Our company maintains a constantly high standard of business conduct, ethics and social responsibilities. Moreover, We take pride in the efficiency of what we provide and always employ the most effective and latest technology available.

Our most important asset is the people who assist in our company. We are committed to growth and improvements of all aspects of our operation and will continue to be the leader in our industry. For any further information or queries please contact us via e-mail or through phone or visit our web site .


We do research on new styles, new fabric, accessories and trims on regular basis. We strive to develop them accordingly from home and abroad.


Our design team provides seasonal trend forecasts and collections to showcase the latest market trends and new design concepts. We aim to provide inspiration for design capabilities and product development.


We have emphasized sourcing as a major component of our business, therefore we have set up a sourcing office in China, in order to speed up the process and make the process easier for our customers.


We are able to manufacture the products ourselves through our another company. Along with that, we have contracts more than 100+ factories which fulfill necessary requirements.


We as a company want to deliver the goods to the customer's door, therefore Hesper has vertically integrated and has its very own logistics company . Which allows the whole process to run more smoothly.